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VitArbor Web & Print Design

About the Name

Welcome to our website! I (Joe Crnich) am VitArbor Web & Print Design's owner/designer. I specialize in developing websites for individuals and small businesses that reflect the personalities of their owners.

I also design for print, most notably book design for self-published authors. Many authors spend years researching and writing fine books, and deserve fine book designs that complement what they've written and their writing style. I can provide this service.

All my design services are tailored to the individual needs of each client, and are priced to be reasonable. I only take on projects that I can complete in a professional, timely manner.

Let's get your website or book design started!

Design Philosophy
About the Name

You're probably wondering where I came up with the name for my company. Does it actually mean something?

Amazingly, it does, at least in my warped mind. Arbor vitae is the name of a hardy (some might say dastardly) shrub/tree. It comes from the Latin words meaning "tree of life". I just flipped this around so it now says "life tree", which is consistent with my design goals - to help people produce lively websites and touching and fulfilling accounts of their lives though self-published autobiographies and memoirs.

Design Philosophy

I will do my best to create websites and books that look good enough to make viewers/readers want to find out what you're all about, and functional enough to make them come back for more. Of course, I need your input, because my ideas about how to execute a successful website or book are nothing without the most import thing - your invaluable content.

Your web content can be as interactive as you'd like, from simple contact forms to full content management systems where you control the site's information from day to day.

Your book design can incorporate any elements you want to get your message across - graphics, photos, graphs, charts - and we can get it printed in color, at a reasonable price, if you'd like.

I try to design cleanly. Few applications require whizzy features, and they can often distract from an overall design.